Morning Market and Northern Region Pharmacy Listing

   CHT Sabun Ajaib is accredited with KKM approval (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia), Halal JAKIM certification and my face on the soap packing as a reputable branding. Trusted since 2009. 

   CHT will not tolerate unethical business strategy.

Updated 20th Sept 2012 : 
   Please beware of unethical sales persons selling in Pasar Pagi and Pasar Malam in Northern Region that display CHT old banner to promote Blue Color Sabun Ajaib or other products that claimed to be of CHT Products.
   Blue or Green Color Sabun Ajaib that don't have CHT logo or Allan Goh face is not CHT Products.  : 
(New Banner is with new KKM No 120300183K)
   To be safe, please get your soap from the list of Pharmacies stated or call direct to Allan to guide you to the nearest agents or pharmacies.
   CHT will not bear responsibility for any damages due to the usage of Imitation as advertised in Newspapers below.

   Loyal customers are also advised not to buy/use tampered box packing/sticker to prevent sabotage of CHT famous brand.  

China Press Northern Region 17th Sept 2012
Guang Ming front page 17th Sept 2012

*** Updated 28/7/12 :
    Word of caution, always look for CHT logo and my face to confirm my soap. 
   CHT customer care line : 04-508 2616 

Please beware of sales persons recommending other type of soaps/products that don't have CHT logo if you are searching for Sabun Ajaib. Blue color Sabun Ajaib is not CHT product.

   If you are in doubt, please contact hotline: 04-508 2616.

Only choose products that have CHT logo. CHT logo is a registered trademark.

   CHT is very concerned especially with the surface of fake brand that were highlighted in newspapers lately. Please don't be bluff by sales persons hanging old CHT banners claiming to be selling CHT products. Always look for CHT logo and my face on the soap box.

   Anyone that came across this issue, please contact me personally
Allan 012-423 2615.
   I already received a complain through phone call and meet the customers session at wet market. And I wish to thank the caller and customers for the feedback.
   CHT have the rights to protect the interest of consumers and company good name.

   So, please beware. 

Below is the Sales Rep (for Morning Wet Market) and distributor:

Pasar Sungai Ara ====> Nutrition Food Store 012-477 8870 Chow Rasta Sunday ===> Allan 012-4232615
Pulau Tikus ===========> 
Air Hitam  ==============>
Perak Road ==========> 

Bayan Baru wet market===> 
Lip Sin (old market) ====> Raja Uda Appollo (everyday) ======> Ah Pin 019-4773932
Pasar Sri Rambai (Saturday) ========> Allan 012-4232615
Chai Leng Park wet market(Sunday) ==> 
Alma; Pasar Taman Selamat(Tuesday) ===> Allan 012-423 2615
Pasar Kota Permai(Friday) ============> Allan 012-423 2615
Pasar Sri Kijang Alma (Thursday) =======> Allan 012-423 2615
Pasar B Garden (Wednesday) ==========> Allan 012-423 2615
Juru wet market ===============> 
Berapit wet market (Wednesday) ====> 
Sungai Petani UTC (Saturday) ======> 
Nibong Tebal (Sunday & Monday) =====>
Pantai Remis ====> Ming Huat Electrical Trading 05-6772622
Farlim new market ===========> ah Chye 019-4719571

Alor Setar Tmn Berjaya ==========> Stevan 012-4079522
Alor Setar Kampung Berjaya=======>
Alor Setar Teluk Wanjah =========>Huey 012-5512030
Alor Setar Teluk Wanjah (Friday) =====> Makka 012-4978332

Alor Setar Simpang Kuala(Thursday)===>Makka 012-4978332

Pasar Pagi(Pekan sari/Pasar 1Malaysia)/Ceramah =>Zakaria 013-4652462
Perlis Kangar================> Makka 012-4978332
Kedah Jitra =================> Makka 012-4978332
KL ================>Allan 012-4232615 ; HQ 04-5082616

Masai(Johor) Tmn Daya=======> Loong 012-7920048
Bukit Minyak ================> Mr Ang 04-5025428
Kepala Batas ================> Uncle 016-4734011

Langkawi ===============> Cik Wan 012-5439662

CHT Export Quality Soap will be distributed world wide soon:
Thailand Exclusive Distributor  ===> OPEN

Singapore Exclusive Distributor ===> OPEN
Indonesia Exclusive Distributor ===> OPEN

Remark for potential Exclusive Distributor(Country), please prepare your proposal before  further discussion. CHT looking for partnership for Exclusive Distributor.

All Easy Pha-Max Emall nation wide(whole of Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak) Available!
Ask for CHT Sabun Ajaib.


CHT on the move, known as CHT Express is another easier way for customers to purchase our best selling soap around Penang morning wet market.
We make it easy for you! 3 CHT Express and counting....
All CHT staffs or sales rep whole Peninsula Malaysia will be wearing our striking green and navy blue tee shirt and displaying banner or flag with my face.

You can get the soap at area near you. You can find our soap at our selected Pharmacy.
(Always ask for CHT Sabun Ajaib, the green soap with my Face on the box pack)