How to take out the soap from plastic casing?

Received a lot of feedback from customers complaining the level of difficulty taking out the soap from the plastic casing.
Declaring war against taking out the soap from plastic casing by using scissors and knives!

The Easy step:

  • Put the whole casing without opening the sticker into freezer for 3 to 10mins.
  • After take out from freezer, peel off sticker.
  • Take out the soap with ease by pressing the back of plastic casing.
  • Enjoy the soap now!

Updated 24th July 2012: Problem solved!

   CHT has already solved the problem by changing all the casing mold. New soap casing easily dislodging the soap from the casing. In fact, the soap already half way dislodge from casing before packing. You can see this when u open up the new soap box.
   CHT always take customers' complaints seriously. And do what ever we can to solve the issue.