About Us

CHT started business by selling other brand soaps and skin care products from 
Taiwan, China and Korea. What prompt CHT by making its own soap is the Quality
inconsistency by the manufacturer.

Nowadays, skin care products contain too much chemicals and preservatives causing
skin problems and allergies. Allan Goh,the founder of CHT soap,not excluded;itchy
skin and eczema were unbearable!

  By studying chinese and western herbs,experimenting,R&D from his house kitchen,
started experimenting on soap making by using cold process and hot process and 
whipping up soap for himself and family.

  Then trying to sell in the wet market.Luckily the soap give instant or promising
results to user and by word of mouths, gaining popularity and start to sell very
well. Due to popular demand, hot process is used instead to cope with the rising

Born is the soap known as CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap!

  CHT will carry the motto of Natural and Green for its line of products with no
artificial fragnance and no harmful colouring and preservatives.

  In order for customers to further trust the CHT brand soap, CHT applied the 
the approval of Ministry Of Health and later on sent the soap to SIRIM to be

  CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade soap will venture into overseas market starting 
from Singapore next year.

  CHT soap started from house kitchen to a shoplot to cope with the rising demands.
Now setting up a factory in Bukit Tengah with GMP status.


  Currently, CHT Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap is available at selected pharmacies
and Easy Pha-max outlets nationwide.