380 pcs of soap sold in 3 hours?!

The day the green soap sold total 380pcs in 3 hours captured on video and pictures.
Too bad didn't capture the record sales of 455pcs. All happening in Chow Rasta (India Market) wet market on Sunday!

slow loading la....
will load more videos after i compressed the video. too large file, loading damn slow.

thank you very much my loyal customers and supporters.

my record for individual customer buying bulk is 30 big pieces in single purchase.
2 customers; both from Taman Sri Rambai in BM.

Buying 20pcs in 1 go also a lot.
buying 10pcs in 1 go are countless.
buying 4 or 2pcs in 1 go are too many....

so happy to be able to make this green soap that are selling like hot cakes.
currently 5 promoting stalls is promoting my soap in wet market, covering all the wet market in Penang Island and Mainland Prai.

1 distributor in Taman Kota Permai coffee shop.(front of Billion Supermarket Kota Permai, Hou Peng You coffee shop; previously nasi kandar shop)

Shop warehouse and manufacturing situated behind Krico Supermart Bukit Minyak.
No 9, (Ground Floor),
Jalan Bukit Minyak 2,
Taman Bukit Minyak,
14000 BM, Pg.

Head Office:
No 36, Lorong Juru 11,
Juru Jaya Business Park,
14000 BM, Pg.

With Approval from Ministry Of Health,Malaysia. Looking forward to venture further into supermart, Pharmacy, Drug Store and any individual shop owner that interested to carry CHT Quality products.
Hope to venture into Central and Southern Region soon!

For Enquiry : Allan Goh 012-4232615