Bamboo Vinegar Peppermint Soap

Bamboo Vine-Mint Soap
Proudly Made In Malaysia!

You don't need any other soap if u use this soap. Currently best selling (selling like hot cakes) in Northern Region.

9 out of 10 ppl love this soap! Can u imagine this soap can be a medicine for skin disease; skin care for reducing pigmentation; cure for itchy skin and scalp; cure for pimples and acne; reducing scar; clear clogging pores or black head; eliminating body odor; etc....

One word describe all: Mother Of All Soaps!

Where can u buy it?
If u r staying in Penang Island, go to India Market (Chow Rasta) wet market on Sunday morning. U will b surprise by the volume ppl buying!

Green Color Soap!
Only RM1 per piece! Surprise?! See for urself!

Seller name and hp no : Allan Goh 012-4232615