Start from March 2010, only CHT logo soap available and Beware immoral sales of China products

History check.

Start from March 2010, CHT green soap only comes in square shape with CHT logo embossed. No more Heart shape or oval shape.

The heart or oval shape were stopped because China product imitate my green soap. I came up with square mold with CHT logo. CHT logo is my company trademark.

Now China product also imitate the mold but minus the logo. Please be careful of immoral sales person on street selling China products that said is my products.
I got a lot of complain that China green soap cause opposite reaction or not effective at all. The immoral sales guy also recommend that their yellowish soap is better for face but in fact after using, no result at all and even cause dry skin. They also convincing the customers that they have government approval. U know wat? Its just a company registration number. Fooling aunties on the street!

You as consumer don't be fooled by them and if u have really bought them, u can return their products to them! This will teach them a lesson not to fool customers!

My products come with Ministry Of Health Approval KKM100200429K and trademark logo CHT. And to be on the safe side, my soap will comes with my face next time!