Crystallization Of Glycerin Soap

Crystallization of Glycerin Soap

Crystallization of Bamboo Vine-Mint Handmade Soap

Crystal soap?
   If your purchased soap turned like the pictures above, toad like skin surface of soap, please do not be alarmed. This is the process occurred when Glycerin soap put at high humidity area like toilet area for at least 2 days without using. 
   The Glycerin soap attracts water molecules onto the surface of the soap and bound together with glycerin to be part of the soap. So, when we are using glycerin soap, after bathing, our skin will feel moisten because glycerin attract water molecules in the air onto our skin. Your skin will not feel dryness like you using the chemical soap.
   You can continue using the soap if you see crystallization on your soap and you know that this soap is good to your skin.
   Enjoy the soap my friend...