Beware Of Imitation Sabun Ajaib In Northern Region

Please beware of sales persons recommending other type of soaps/products that don't have CHT logo if you are searching for Sabun Ajaib. Blue color Sabun Ajaib is not CHT product.

   If you are in doubt, please contact hotline: 04-508 2616, 04-507 2616.

Only choose products that have CHT logo. CHT logo is a registered trademark.

   CHT is very concerned especially with the surface of fake brand that were highlighted in newspapers lately. Please don't be bluff by sales persons hanging old CHT banners claiming to be selling CHT products & recommending blue color Sabun Ajaib which they claimed to be better than green one. Always look for CHT logo and my face on the soap box.

   Anyone that came across this issue, please contact me personally
Allan 012-423 2615.
   I already received a complain through phone call and meet the customers session at morning wet markets. And I wish to thank the caller and customers for the feedbacks.
   CHT have the rights to protect the interest of consumers and company good name.

   So, please beware.