Less Foam after 60% use and Q&A

I always get this feedback from customers:

Why the soap get less foamy after 2/3 use?
   To answer this question, its a bit of science rules; the bigger the soap, the more foam because of the per square area are bigger compare to small soap. More area meaning we rub less on the soap can producing more foam. If the soap is small, meaning less area and we need to rub more times to produce more foam. With our soap, more foam the better because more foam means more refreshing.

Why the soap no more refreshing smell after long period of using?
   CHT soap use all natural ingredients without preservatives, after opening the soap, you need to finished the soap within 1 month for 100gm soap or 1 week for the 10gm trial soap.
In case you wanna save cost by buying big soap and unable to finish the soap within 1 month, you can cut the soap and store the remaining piece in an air tight container.
   Normally 100gm soap will finished within 3 weeks per person use for hair, body and face. So, you will enjoy the soap to the end.

Why my soap turn white and gummy soft?
You must place your soap at cool and dry place to prevent this. The soap will absorb water and make it soft and gel like. Its difficult to use already.
Chemical soap will not have this problem.

Put CHT Sabun Ajaib on a washing sponge, to prevent
water collected on soap dish damaging the soap. 

In case this happened, put the soap jelly into a pan and add in 50% water to boil till soap jelly totally dissolved in water to make liquid soap!